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We have a large number of clients working in a range of Security Industries, from Maritime Security to close protection both abroad and here in the UK.


Sports Professionals

At Whittaker & Co we understand that careers in the Professional Sports World can often be short lived, therefore it is very important that you manage your finances accordingly and plan for the future.


Oil & Gas 

We have a large number of clients working offshore in the Oil & Gas Industries. Our clients are located in the North Sea, Norwegian Arctic Shelf, and also off the West Coast of Africa.



We have a large number of clients who work as Medics in various locations around the world, including here in the UK.



We have a number of clients who have worked for some of the biggest designers in the world, and like the Sports Industry, models can have very short careers.



We have a number of clients who work in the Diving Industry, ranging from Welders to Instructors. Working in the Diving industry your options in relation to your tax will depend on various factors, your work location; your contract status; the type of vessel you are working on.



We have a large number of clients working in the Construction industry either as a self-employed contractor, a sub-contractor or an employer.


Property Investors

Property – alongside cash, bonds and shares – is one of the four most common types of investment in the UK.  You can invest in property in two ways – directly or indirectly.  Both methods involve some complicated financial issues, one being taxation.

Whittaker and Co, a brief history...

Whittaker & Co are Tax Advisors, Accountants and Business Planners.

We were founded in 2004 and have since grown to manage accounts for clients working in various Professional Industries. The company was founded by Anna Cooperwhite as her husband worked abroad and they were unable to find any help or advice on their particular financial situation. Following a period of research and finding many more ex-Armed Forces personnel in exactly the same position, Whittaker and Co was born. As professional trends have changed over the years for ex-Armed Forces personnel so has Whittaker and Co…

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Latest News


After months of research and development, market analysis and strategy, business development and trend forecasts, we are proud to unveil our new website -

We hope the information on the services we provide, to both new and existing clients, is more in-depth and will give the user a better window on how our company has evolved, and how we can provide a comprehensive accountancy service - from the sole trader to the multi-national company, in areas that span plumbers to professional footballers and deep-sea divers to close protection bodyguards, our client list is ever growing as is our expertise.

Recently we have also been granted our ISO9001 accreditation (Cert. No. AJA14/17208) as well as become a Qualified Person Responsible for Training (QPRT) for the ICAEW, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (cert No. X003943896).

The new site highlights our close relationship with charities and how our core ethos is to help others. From repatriation of ex-service personnel into civilian work to helping injured service men and women after their life has been changed while in the line of fire for their country. We’ve seen the recent trend of top-flight sport professionals being forced to declare themselves bankrupt after mis-management of their wealth earned in the small space of time, and along with the rest of The Associates, we want to help the young and old sport professionals in the industry to avoid this.

So please take a look and email us your thoughts, we welcome feedback to help us sculpt our company to become a more helpful and streamlined financial service.

Many thanks

Team Whittaker
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